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Richard Cason's Undercutter Productions provides top-notch comedic and media services, with Cason himself acting as a stand-up comic, talk show host/podcaster and voiceover artist. With his extensive experience and passion for his craft, you can trust that Rick will bring great energy and enthusiasm to your project.

Richard Cason isn’t perfect, far from it, but he is well-seasoned, and after a quarter-century in the comedy underground, Cason has emerged with a style of comedic judgment, sarcasm, and world-weariness that speaks volumes. Absurdist musings or takedowns on politics, pop culture, and the human condition, Richard Cason will make you laugh, think, and maybe even cringe a bit. 

The Richard Cason Radio Network is your source for the latest in hard-hitting, no-holds-barred political analysis.  Tune in every Monday with Richard Cason, as he dives deep into the world of politics, current events, and more.  He may be cleaner, but he's never been meaner!  Catch Richard Cason on Frankspeech, iHeart, Amazon, Spotify, Apple, and Google.


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