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It was a cold February night in 1997 as Richard Cason was in the back of St. Louis’ Westport Funny Bone, waiting to be called on stage for the first five minutes of his comedy life, the very first night he ever set foot in a comedy club. As he mentally ran through his material, he just knew that his opening bit would kill- the one about the dance craze of the time: The Macarena. Well...Rick never got around to that little nugget of comedy, because the woman before him was performing a Macarena song parody complete with pre-recorded music and her own lyrics- and she was killing. When Cason was next called to the stage, he could only see the first couple of rows in the front because the light was so blinding, which he wasn't expecting. The upstart comedian then worked through his initial awkwardness by thanking the woman before him for basically neutralizing his opening bit- which got a huge laugh...and Richard Cason’s been getting huge laughs ever since.


That was twenty-two years ago and Cason still happily offers a unique look into the mind of an atypical Midwestern working class comic. Never one to pander or talk down to the audience, regardless of the subject matter, Richard Cason always assumes that the crowd is just as smart as he is…if not just a little bit smarter.


Rick has opened for and worked with many nationally headlining comedians who have appeared on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and “The Tonight Show” as well as “Comedy Central Presents.”

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JULY 31, 2020

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